quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

Grandes Compositores Ingleses - XII - William Byrd - The Battell


Com o Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.
Regente: Elgar Howarth.

Gustav II Adolf dies at Lützen, de Carl Wahlbom. 

Original titles: 00:00 The marche before the Battell 03:05 The souldiers sommons 03:59 The marche of footemen 04:38 The marche of horsmen 05:20 The trumpetts 06:23 The Irishe marche 07:21 The bagpipe and the drone 08:41 The flute and the droome 10:56 The marche to the fighte 12:13 (the battels be joyned) 12:51 The retreat 14:59 The buriing of the dead 16:44 The morris 17:29 Ye souliers dance 18:09 The morris (rep.) 18:46 The Galliarde for the Victorie 20:10 The marche before the Battell (rep.).

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